Exhibition, Remarkable Meetings with Disgusting Men

Remarkable Meetings with Disgusting Men

Initiated by EMIRHAKIN

Initiated by EMIRHAKIN, Remarkable Meetings with Disgusting Men reflects on (self-)censorship as a highly tangible experience, ████ proposing ways for maneuvering through fear. ██████ ████ █ ███, ████. In this exhibition, the strategies of oppressive regimes and their bodily implications are explored, subverted, ██████ and reappropriated through a careful spatial choreography. How does political coercion permeate the personal, infiltrate bodily boundaries, and ███████████? 

EMIRHAKIN has invited a group of artists to reconfigure the symbols and strategies associated with fear and oppression—holding space to reflect on the erasure of choice, identity, agency, ████ and life within heavily politicized structures. ████ █████ ███ ████. Taking shape through video works, archival footage, performances, ████, sound and light installations, and paintings, the exhibition navigates the manufacturing of (cultural) identity, ████ ██████, nationalism, the impact of censorship, and life under authoritarian regimes.

Informed by ███ personal experiences as a ████ ████ in ████, EMIRHAKIN’s practice ██████ and visualizes the personal, emotional, and physical consequences of (self-)censorship while simultaneously paving a pathway for vulnerability and resilience. In a recurring part of the programme, EMIRHAKIN reflects on the █████ and ████ of ███ life under suppression—delving deeper into the ideological construct of masculinity that profoundly influenced his ██████ and █████.

Witnessing the rise of the right-wing and its effect on the freedom of expression, Remarkable Meetings with Disgusting Men invites you to traverse the complexities of contemporary political realities, in the shadows of systems of ██████, manipulation, commodification, and racialization. The exhibition will be accompanied by an extensive context programme of performances, movie screenings, ████ █████ and a night of storytelling.

Participating artists: EMIRHAKIN, Can Demren, ghenwa noiré, Batuhan Keskiner, Jonas Lerch, Zalán Szakács, Mohammed Tatour, Andreas Tegnander & Ossip Blits, and Ksenia Yurkova.

Visual identity by EMIRHAKIN and Fadi Houmani.

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