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Talk, A Language Under My Skin

24h Centrum – Storytelling Sessions

This event is part of 24h Centrum

The myths, folklores, narratives, and stories that shape our societies, and permeate through multiple generations, are deeply entangled with language. Led by Sahand Sahebdivani, founder of Mezrab, and accompanied by Lara Ricote and Irina Koriazova, this morning program will bring together storytellers to engage with the themes and questions put forth by Sadik Alfraji’s A Language Under My Skin. Himself a storyteller, Alfraji’s work inspires us to explore how language shapes us and how each new language means a new shape, a reconstruction, a new understanding of the world.

The program will begin with coffee and a walk together through the exhibition, followed by Sahand and a selection of storytellers from the Mezrab community sharing their stories with us. There will be room for dialogue, conversations, and the sharing of stories with one another.

Sahand Sahebdivani is the founder of the cultural center Mezrab, which first began in his living room and has since found its home on the Veemkade (after wandering through many other locations). Today, Mezrab is a developed cultural centre, a storytelling school, and hosts a wide range of storytelling, music and other spoken word performances. For this special program we’ll be bringing the Mezrab to W139.

Photography by Elodie Vreeburg.