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Citizen’s Circle

Meenakshi Thirukode welcomes you to Citizen’s Circle. In this moment of collective dialogue, participants meet to contemplate on ideas of citizenship and allyship, on what it means to participate in democracy. How does solidarity operate in times like these? This circle will prompt reflection on embracing discomfort of sitting across from a fellow human, fostering a moment where we can talk, hold space for each other, and listen. 

Citizen’s Circle will include a brief discussion of the film titled The Great Intangible: for the love of a politics of love (in two parts), which is being screened as a part of Outside the Soup. The first part is on show from the opening of the exhibition, the second part will premiere during the Citizen’s Circle, and will be on show in Outside the Soup after.

Amidst the backdrop of globalized political happenings, Meenakshi is interested in the interconnectedness of the struggle for liberation, whether it’s combatting sexual violence or eradicating settler colonialism. How do these issues intertwine? Rooted in the idea of politics of love in India, this workshop recognizes that our freedoms are inseparable from one another, and that we must learn from each other’s perspectives in the pursuit for a better world.

This workshop is part of Outside the Soup, a group exhibition that emphasizes the potential of art to create new worldviews through radical imagination and artistic experimentation; placing care, solidarity, and trust at the forefront.

The visit of Meenakshi Thirukode is made possible by the International Visitors Programme of the Nieuwe Instituut with support from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Tickets are available via the Eventbrite page for the event.

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