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Opening, Outside the Soup

Opening Outside the Soup

W139 warmly invites you to the opening of the exhibition Outside the Soup, initiated by artists Afra Eisma and Hend Samir, on Friday 26 April from 19:00 to 22:00 at W139.

Outside the Soup brings together a large and diverse international group of artists who create narrative-based, highly visual works steeped in imagination. The exhibition will be activated through an extensive context- and community program of workshops and guided tours.

At 20:00, Rah Naqvi will perform their piece Soft Touch Men. During the Dutch premiere of this performance, Rah sets a stage similar to a men’s hair salon. In a vulnerable exchange, the artist deconstructs a masculinity that feels otherly. The artist sings a retribution ritual of song (in collaboration with musician Antigoni Seferli), while accepting touch, finding solace in this exchange, and exploring transness through the hands of their barber friend, who touches them the same, a man, or not.

With work by Soad Abdelrasoul, Kenneth Aidoo, Dagmar Bosma, Afra Eisma, Esraa Elfeky, Tessa Mars, Marzia Migliora, Hiroki Miura, Rah Naqvi, Karin Iturralde Nurnberg, Hend Samir, Afrah Shafiq, Meenakshi Thirukode, Marnix van Uum and Debbie Young.

Visual identity by Sheona Turnbull.