About W139

W139 is a presentation and production space for contemporary art. W139 was established in 1979 and in 2019 celebrates forty years of providing artists time and space for free explorations in the heart of Amsterdam.

As an open development-oriented and connective source of art, W139 aims to activate and stimulate artistic and intellectual freedom. To this end W139 offers a continuously renewing group of artists time, space and responsibility to initiate group exhibitions with their artistic practices and ambitions as starting point. During the process from idea to realisation the members of the W139 team offer their knowledges and skills to assist initiators and their groups in making sensory, sensitive and inclusive exhibitions. New initiating artists are selected from the group shows and on the basis of irregular Open Calls. Since 2017 individual artists and artist duos are invited to present new or existing work in the exhibition space on the first floor, the Polarroom.

Read more about the history of W139 via archive.w139.nl.

Initiators 2014 – now


Nadia Benchagra
Chun-Han Chiang
Isabel da Costa
Jacob Dwyer
Dieuwke Eggink
Dil Ghale
Sam Geer van der Klugt
Jowon van der Peet
Petra Ponte
Anami Schrijvers
Andreas Tscholl
Lih-Lan Wong


Bart Stuart (artist)

Erika Happe (head of development Allard Pierson Museum and Special Collections)

Annette Wolfsberger (producer and curator)

Martijn van Boven (artist)
Iris Kensmil (artist)

Website Colophon

Laura Grimm (general development)
Ibo Ibelings (technical development)
Pendar Nabipour (design)
Jelle Reith (technical development)