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How-To Workshop Programme

Every Friday from 12:00 to 16:00, the weekly how-to workshop programme explores alternative modes of economic self-sufficiency within the arts field and beyond, in collaboration with various Amsterdam creators and experts.

Visual identity by Erik de Hart.

24 November 2023
How to Negotiate?
Astrid Elburg

What are the rules, how to bend them and how do you determine your value? — A workshop by Compliance Officer Astrid Elburg, Chairwoman at the Rijksmuseum Muiderslot.

Astrid Elburg is an organisational consultant in ethical, strategic, and personal leadership. She gets individuals and organisations moving by utilising practice-oriented and feasible concepts. She has also been an honours lecturer at the VU for many years, where she teaches ‘Shaping in liquid times’, which deals with leadership in the 21st century. Under the flag of Elburg Consultancy, Astrid acts as an advisor for many different organisations—from the public sector, ministries, and the legal profession to the cultural sector. She is currently a Compliance Officer at various organisations (including RTV Noord-Holland and Rijksmuseum Muiderslot) and also teaches at Radboud University. She recently became chairperson of the Raad van Toezicht.

More about Astrid: www.astridelburg.nl

1 December 2023
Contracts—Make It Your Own!
Sem Bakker and Stefanie Hakkesteegt

Explore new forms of contracts. Learn how to read, write, and understand them. Shape them according to your own terms. Create a creative or visual contract. Gain more confidence in legal matters. — A workshop by lawyers Stefanie Hakkesteegt and Sem Bakker.

Stefanie Hakkesteegt has been working at De Roos in Amsterdam since September 2021. Before she became a lawyer, she worked as a photographer and as a programme maker in the public sector, where she was mainly concerned with media and politics. As a lawyer, she assists entrepreneurs in disputes and has experience in drafting and assessing agreements. In addition to her work as a lawyer, Stefanie is a director of two cultural foundations and she volunteers as a neighborhood mediator for BeterBuren, an organization that helps solve problems and disputes between neighbors.

More about Stefanie: https://www.deroos.eu/people

Sem Bakker has been a lawyer in Amsterdam since 2010. His expertise extends mainly to the areas of copyright, employment law, contract, and privacy law. Since January 1, 2021, he has worked with a legal collective called Backstage Legal, through which he assists many artists and performers. In addition, Sem has a fascination for complex social (legal) issues, including the climate crisis and AI. Before he became a lawyer, Sem worked as a legal teacher and with pop musicians. Sem also has various additional activities, including holding the position of Compliance Officer at the Utrecht-based music festival Le Guess Who?.

More about Sem: https://sembakkeradvocatuur.nl

8 December 2023
Mapping Your Art Practice
Jeannette Slütter and Zoë Dankert

We will map different art practices, untangle ideas about time and money and outline alternative, sustainable(er) routes based on your skills, knowledge and (side) jobs. Gain more insight into each other’s practices and learn to trust your own journey. — A workshop by writer Zoë Dankert and Platform BK co-director Jeannette Slütter.

Zoë Dankert works as a writer, podcast maker, and art critic. Her writings have been published in Metropolis M, NRC, De Witte Raaf, and Boekman, among others. In 2022, she received the Prize for Young Art Criticism for an exhibition review and the Incentive Prize for Innovative Art Critical Practices for the podcast series Werktitel, which discusses labour culture and conditions in the contemporary Dutch art world. She previously worked as a web editor and editor-in-chief at Metropolis M. She currently works as a project based employee for the collection & exhibitions department at the photography museum Huis Marseille.

More about Werktitel: www.werktitel.org  

Jeannette Slütter is co-director at Platform BK and a visual artist. In her work she explores themes such as authorship, power structures, and the perspective of a spectator in regards to artistic practice. This is expressed in site-specific interventions, publications, and public events. She has worked in spaces and organisations such as Das Leben am Haverkamp, ​​MORPHO, Kunsthal Extra City in Antwerp, Amsterdam Ferry Festival, and Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. She is currently a member of the Daisy Chain initiative and teaches at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

 More about Jeannette Slütter: www.jeannetteslutter.nl 

15 December 2023
How To Create A Sustainable Practice
Matthijs Booi

A practical workshop on defining your ambition and how to make it achievable. Discover how to translate your goals into tangible steps, financially and substantively. Calculate your ideal annual income, analyse income sources and create a concrete action plan. From dreaming to doing: break down your ambition into an attainable roadmap for success.⁠ — A workshop by artist and entrepreneur Matthijs Booij.

Matthijs Booij is an artist and entrepreneur living and working in Amsterdam. He calls himself a failed artist who accidentally became the director of a beer brewery. As Head of Galaxy (Creative Director) of Oedipus, he’s responsible for the conceptual and creative development of their drinks, stories, and visual world. Matthijs is celebrated for his controversial concepts and business models, such as The One-Thousand Drawings Pension Plan and Patty Morgan. He’s half of the artist duo Miktor en Molf and loves skateboarding. Matthijs’ most recent reflections on his own practice include that he took his work out of the gallery space and into boardroom meetings,  and he distinctly navigates between mainstream and niche. He has great interest in implementing organizational aspects into an art practice.  

More about Oedipus Brewing: https://oedipus.com