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Experimental Pizza Club

W139 invites you to the Experimental Pizza Club, a collective dining experience during Amsterdam Art Week. 

Loosely, this is how it works: each pizza-lover brings three toppings to the table: something that tingles their taste buds, something they think will be delicious, something they think will be challenging. The toppings are all spread out, the order for choosing toppings is collectively decided, and one by one participants add toppings until someone decides to “call it”, declaring the pizza finished, and slides it into the oven.

Keeping up with the themes of Outside the Soup, generosity, sharing, and collaboration are essential ingredients for this event. E.P.C. is an exercise in letting go, of losing control, of freestyling; a cadavre exquis of desires and flavours.

Experimental Pizza Club, founded in 2018 by Katrina Niebergal, Daisy Madden-Wells, and Afra Eisma, is about coming together and playing with the process of pizza making.

Tickets are available via the Eventbrite page for the event.

Visual identity by Sheona Turnbull.