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Talk, Dead Skin Cash

Two Square Meters

Join us next Tuesday 14th March at 20.00, as we conclude the public programme of Dead Skin Cash with Two Square Meters*: an open-discussion between dermatologist Dr. Marco van Coevorden, multi-disciplinary artist Ezzam Rahman and initiating artists Salim Bayri and Ghita Skali about dermatology, dead skin and the body. ⁠

Salim and Ghita interviewed Dr. van Coevorden as part of their research leading up to this exhibition, and he’ll be joining us this evening for an conversation about his work as a dermatologist and the intersections with the topics and thematics of the Dead Skin Cash exhibition. ⁠

They will also be joined by multi-disciplinary artist Ezzam Rahman, who is known for his interest in the body and the use of common, easily accessible, yet unconventional media in his art practice – such as dead skin. ⁠

For more information and to purchase a ticket follow the link in our bio. ⁠

*The title of this event comes from the statistic about how much skin we have on average on our bodies.