Guided Tour of the Exhibition

By Philipp Gufler and Wilfred van Buuren in collaboration with IHLIA. Friday 9 June from 18:30 to 19:30. Wilfred van Buuren (1964) has been living in Amsterdam his entire life. He is a historian. He works as Head of Collections at IHLIA LGBTI Heritage. He is passionate about books, men and basketball. Philipp Gufler [...]

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Rabe perplexum and the Eccentric 80s

A film screening and book presentation with Angela Stiegler and Philipp Gufler in collaboration with the Goethe Institut Amsterdam. Friday 9 June from 20:00 to 21:30 With their performative and collaborative works, Rabe perplexum was a subversive voice of queer subculture in the 1980s. In conversation with Fabian Reichle, the artists Gufler and Stiegler [...]

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Tomorrow’s Language

- SOLD OUT - A dialogue between Louwrien Wijers, her friend and colleague Rory Pilgrim and exhibition initiator Philipp Gufler. Saturday 3 June from 16:00 to 17:30 First they will discuss Louwrien's metal sculptures and invite the audience to listen to the sound of her brass music box titled 'She and She' (1977). Then [...]

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Keeping up with the Virus

A performance by Szymon Adamczak with Billy Mullaney. Thursday 11 May from 20:00 to 21:00 "For six years already I have been moving and becoming with HIV.” Keeping up with the Virus explores interdependency, connection seeking, risk-taking, and solidarity through the embodied metaphor of the virus performing in the artist’s body in the era [...]

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A Reality Through Words and Images

Taking place on March 8 at W139, A Reality Through Words and Images is a group screening programme of experimental documentaries, essay films, and poetry by Iranian artists. The screening programme directly or indirectly introduces ideas about permeability and entropy, political environment, the female body, displacement and ruination through excursions into family history. With [...]

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Ezzam Rahman

Ezzam Rahman (b.1981, Singapore) is a multi-disciplinary artist known for his interest in the body and the use of common, easily accessible, yet unconventional media in his art practice. Working across sculpture, installation, digital and performance, he creates works that are often time-based and ephemeral, aiming to pique viewers’ thoughts on the themes of [...]

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House rules W139

1. When entering this property the houserules of W139 apply and you therefore accept the houserules below. 2. All instructions from staff W139 related to the house rules must be followed. 3. Within W139 we appreciate that you make use of public spaces, but this is at your own risk. 4. In W139 we [...]

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