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speak memory
14/09/2019 – 03/11/2019

Opening 13/09/2019 20.00 – 01.00

participating artists: Jonathan Castro Alejos, Marie Aly, Gijs Frieling, Meschac Gaba, Eulàlia Garcia Valls, Charles & Ray Eames, Thomas Hirschhorn, Ad de Jong, Job Koelewijn, Marijn van Kreij, Aernout Mik, Julika Rudelius, Gayatri Subramanian

concept by: Melchior Jaspers & Anami Schrijvers

Blue murder has been cried that the era of post-truth is dawning. But just like post-humanism and the father of confused thoughts, postmodernism, the era of post-truth is nothing but an audacious and weak analysis of our time. Truth, as always, plays a central role in everything we do… prokaryotes included, as even bacteria know how to fool each other. In order to lie successfully, one must know what that lie should hide. Furthermore, truth is often spoken of as a thing you can find, but on searching one may discover the image of their own ignorance that surrounds understanding. Truth then, is a property of how we look, not of what we see.

The exhibition speak, memory takes the relationship between truth and art as its starting point. We invite the visitor to approach the exhibition in the light of renewed interest in this relationship. Thus, truth becomes a framework that hints towards the core of each work in the show. The exhibition contains existing works and a number of artists have been asked to create new work. Collectively they show a wide variety of connections to the theme.

speak, memory takes place during the 40th anniversary of the W139. It seeks to focus on the future. In the near future, W139 sees the scars of a decade’s wear and tear slowly healing. Anyone who considers this an exaggeration is most welcome to tell us. We’re especially open to those who know better.

Graphic design by Jonathan Castro Alejos

Photo’s by Ernst van Deursen