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Schulz & Weise
20/07/2019 – 25/08/2019

Participating artists Charlott Weise, Franziska Schulz

A duet by Franziska Schulz and Charlott Weise. Two women artists from the German East found an outlet for their fascination of the early friendship between Siggi & Gerri – visually, emotionally and cerebrally.

Schulz & Weise is a soapy ode to friendship; a friendship so intense that it must be unleashed in an artistic involvement.

Ribbons will rise, tilt and twist to become bows.
Schulz and Weise are flirting with the devil.
The eternal feminine is invoked, out of the bottle and with ribbons in the sky.

Special thanks to:
Jacob Dwyer (chauffeur)
Aileen Klein (fashion design)
Ott Metusala (graphic design)
Olga Micińska (ribbon assistant)
Timna Tomiša (videographer)
Van Tetterode Glass Studio
Dan Walwin (video editor and constructor)
Jan van Witteveen (heavy metal)