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Refresh Amsterdam #2

Starting 6 Oct - Ongoing  Susanne Khalil Yusef (Germany, 1984) Bidnan3eesh – بدنا نعيش (WE WANT TO LIVE), 2022 The neon artwork with the Arabic words بدنا نعيش (We want to live) was created by visual artist Susanne Khalil Yusef. The neon design is based on the handwritten words of Hamza, an artist friend [...]

Refresh Amsterdam #22023-10-04T15:00:20+01:00

Gossip Session #3: Menstrual Goddesses

Thursday 12 October Bloody Beautiful Gossip Session #3: Menstrual Goddesses honours the wisdom and power of menstruating bodies.In a deeply sensory storytelling session we will not only focus on how menstrual blood revitalises our understanding of and relationship to the inescapable cyclicality of life, but also look at menstruation as a process filled with [...]

Gossip Session #3: Menstrual Goddesses2023-10-02T10:09:59+01:00

Julidans: Unearth by Jefta van Dinther

9 & 10 July | 18.30-22.30 Journey inward in a four-hour trance experience. Swedish-Dutch Jefta van Dinther has sometimes been described as "the star of dark and mysterious techno dance". His productions are hallucinatory and dynamic, sleekly designed and offer an outlook on humanity in a world dominated by technology. In Unearth, the choreographer [...]

Julidans: Unearth by Jefta van Dinther2023-06-15T10:26:50+01:00

Guided Tour of the Exhibition

By Philipp Gufler and Wilfred van Buuren in collaboration with IHLIA. Friday 9 June from 18:30 to 19:30. Wilfred van Buuren (1964) has been living in Amsterdam his entire life. He is a historian. He works as Head of Collections at IHLIA LGBTI Heritage. He is passionate about books, men and basketball. Philipp Gufler [...]

Guided Tour of the Exhibition2023-06-02T09:19:19+01:00

Rabe perplexum and the Eccentric 80s

A film screening and book presentation with Angela Stiegler and Philipp Gufler in collaboration with the Goethe Institut Amsterdam. Friday 9 June from 20:00 to 21:30 With their performative and collaborative works, Rabe perplexum was a subversive voice of queer subculture in the 1980s. In conversation with Fabian Reichle, the artists Gufler and Stiegler [...]

Rabe perplexum and the Eccentric 80s2023-04-20T09:11:28+01:00

Tomorrow’s Language

- SOLD OUT - A dialogue between Louwrien Wijers, her friend and colleague Rory Pilgrim and exhibition initiator Philipp Gufler. Saturday 3 June from 16:00 to 17:30 First they will discuss Louwrien's metal sculptures and invite the audience to listen to the sound of her brass music box titled 'She and She' (1977). Then [...]

Tomorrow’s Language2023-07-25T12:53:20+01:00

Keeping up with the Virus

A performance by Szymon Adamczak with Billy Mullaney. Thursday 11 May from 20:00 to 21:00 "For six years already I have been moving and becoming with HIV.” Keeping up with the Virus explores interdependency, connection seeking, risk-taking, and solidarity through the embodied metaphor of the virus performing in the artist’s body in the era [...]

Keeping up with the Virus2023-05-17T15:54:02+01:00

“Who can afford to not sell their own skin?” – Mariana Penas Charrua

Tuesday 31 January from 18.00-19.00  As part of W139's current exhibition, Dead Skin Cash, six artists are invited to react to the prompt “Who can afford to not sell their own skin?” by curating a playlist of visual and audio materials for this weekly screening program. Mariana Charrua is a ______tourist, artist_________ from Portugal.  Her [...]

“Who can afford to not sell their own skin?” – Mariana Penas Charrua2023-01-23T16:54:14+01:00