All the Galaxies
Maarten Schuurman

Maarten Schuurman (b. 1979, NL) works and lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His practice employs a variety of media including video, print, sculpture, installation, and programming; referencing aspects of (online) gaming culture and celebrating conceptual traditions. Schuurman draws inspiration from contemporary gaming culture. Fascinated by the game not only as a ritual (Johan Huizinga) but also as a set of algorithmic and action based systems, social structures and visual languages.

(a) testimony of self-determination
Art to Support

Art to Support is a new collective consisting of undocumented refugees living in Amsterdam. During an initial 10-week program, the collective visited several art institutions and project spaces alternating with dedicated studio time for in-depth exploration of the collective’s artistic narrative. One of the collective’s points of interest is exploring the framework’s surrounding autonomy-making through the means of expression. 

Art to Support is part of Here To Support, which works with undocumented people and aims to make migrants visible, audible, and resilient. The projects are set up by artists, cultural producers, academics, and campaigners in collaboration with undocumented people.

bring your own FILE; on A4 publishing
Bring Your Own Book

Bring your own book is a collective that started as a student initiative at the Rietveld academie in 2021. Since then we have been working on an interdisciplinary programme around self-publishing, activated through events, lectures, workshops and book fairs.

Flour, water, salt; when appetite becomes home
Maria Khatchadourian

Maria Khatchadourian’s (b.1982) artistic practice exists in a hybrid form at the intersection of food and art. She is currently looking into ways to develop a multi-faceted (sculptural/durational) installation, where food and food imaginaries become the element that weaves together fragments of her research that deals with notions of exile, inherited recipes/embodied knowledge, and the endless search for the conquest of a place; a home which exists only in our memories.

The Topiary Social Club
Paulina Martínez Marín

Paulina Martínez Marín is a visual artist and community psychologist from Chile. Her practice entails arts and social processes, exploring different ways of moving with other spaces, objects and beings. 

Inspired by the boredom that the world’s predictability gives her and the surprise that appears when this predictability fails, Paulina’s interest lies in investigating possibilities of dislocating norms within public spaces by introducing strangeness and absurdity. Through play and collaboration, she seeks to trigger complicity with others, provoking ways of relating and flirting with new ways of inhabiting. 

Currently, she is the director of The Topiary Social Club.


Common Ground

Common Ground is a collaborative artistic project started by Anna Celda and Saja Amro. Using the dining table and the kitchen as research laboratories, CG creates a caring and comforting space to delve into topics like female labour, inherited knowledge and culinary histories. Inspired by indigenous food cultures and traditions, the duo responds to the individualistic and isolating eating habits of modern life through immersing audiences in sensory experiences that spark reflection and connection, and offering foodscapes of indulgence and abundance.

Ekat Yawa

Ekat Yawa – the art of giving back. We are 3 artists and activists who have met through our activism and now work as an art collective. We have an atelier on the Zwanenburgwal from where we do our artistic and activist activities. This season we foraged elderflower in the city to make hundrerds liters of vlierbier 🌺 🤤, been active at people’s kitchens across the city and food giveaway markets. Previously we have run a free give-away clothing swap shop. 

Ekat Yawa is made up of: Rots (@upperkutje): poet, contrarian, body builder, reasonable guy — Adil (@notshitprint): printer, video pirate, projectionist (images/emotions) — Bente (@b_nte): sewer, craftsperson, mender

Erica Gargaglione and Kimberley Cosmilla

After they met in the context of a master’s program (XPUB, experimental publishing), Erica and Kimberley began experimenting with collective practices involved in the field of hosting and curating.

Through shapeshifting methods but consistent use of narration, Kimberley focuses her practice on deciphering and documenting sensitive-to-document processes. Her area of concern includes collective processes, collective editorial, dissemination techniques, and vernacular archiving methods. Erica’s work evolves around digital tools and situated small-scale infrastructures that can enable public spaces for communities, relations of care and collaborative autonomy.