This summer, W139 presents… The One Minutes

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9-21 August
Squeeze Crush Press Blush
curated by Afra Eisma and Marnix van Uum

The Stars Down To Earth, Margaret Haines, 2015 (© the artist, courtesy by The One Minutes Foundation)

In Squeeze Crush Press Blush, curated by Afra Eisma and Marnix van Uum, twenty-one artists and filmmakers invite you to take a dive into their ever-changing minds. A crack in the gloss, a break, a rupture, a split, a breach, a slit, a smack, a smash, a blow, a bang, a grin, our mind is a container. The selected One Minutes were sent in from China, Belgium, Finland, France, Greece, Netherlands, Suriname, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States.‘Squeeze Crush Press Blush’ offers a non-linear journey across a multitude of feelings.

Afra Eisma (b. 1993, the Netherlands) creates intimate worlds bursting with colour and energy. Her work consists of tufted carpets, ceramics, drawings, paintings and textiles.

Marnix van Uum (b. 1991, the Netherlands) works with media (i.e. video, photography and text) that have descriptive qualities and thus imply to depict (fragments of) reality.

Participating artists:

Margaret Haines

Bob Demper

Pieter Van Den Bosch

Daisy Madden-Wells

meng florent

Hilary Yip

Elina Alekseeva

Kubilay Mert Ural

Gijsje Heemskerk and Sjuul Joosen

Foteini Makri

Alejandra López

Mimi Shi Co., Ltd


Alfie Dwyer

Annemarie Wadlow

Naïmé Perrette

Jef Nollet

Erkka Nissinen

Juyi Mao

Heleen Mineur

Kim David Bots & Eliane Esther Bots

21-28 August
Everything happened so much: archive as poem in an age of perpetual witnessing
curated by Jesse Darling

Lubricants Rebranded as Anti-Slip, Flo Ray, 2020 (© the artist, courtesy by The One Minutes Foundation)

“There are different ways to tell a story. I wanted to think about the way we bear ongoing witness to our own lives, and how this material tells bigger stories about the material, technological and socio-economic circumstances of the past and present. I wanted to give space to the unreliable narrator and the chaos of memory. To take seriously the political dimension of telling stories through the low fidelity, poor images and unobjective close-ups that we are often left with in contrast to sovereign forms of cinema (newsreel, advertisement, video-essay). Building on these ideas, in reconnaissance and reclamation, here are 24 video-poems, as true and accurate as any other form of storytelling, or perhaps even more so.”
– Jesse Darling, April 2020

Jesse Darling is an artist working in sculpture, installation, video, drawing, text, sound and performance. They live and work in Berlin.

Participating artists:

Toni Brell

Lauren de Sa Naylor

L’nique Noel

Sulaïman Majali

Francisca Khamis Giacoman and Levi van Gelder

Cristina Planas

Frank Wasser

Kamilya Kuspanova

Lin Li

Ibrahim kurt

Samar Al Summary

Rozemarijn Jens

Nestor Solano

Andro Eradze

Ghenwa Abou Fayad

Anuka Ramischwili-Schäfer

Torreya Cummings

Pernilla Manjula Philip

Stelios Markou Ilchuk


Callum Copley

Louise Gholam

Flo Ray

29 August – 4 September
The One Minutes Jr. Ukraine

Confession, Volodymyr, 2016 (© the artist, courtesy by The One Minutes Foundation)

A new narrative for Ukraine: told by its children

What is the influence of war on daily life in Ukraine? What is it like to grow up in a conflict zone? To live in constant fear? What dreams do young people hold for the future?

In 2016 and 2017, The One Minutes Jr. went to Ukraine multiple times for workshops with young people in Avdiivka, Bakhmut, Dobropillia, Kharkiv, Liman, Mariupol, Militopol, Severodonestk, Sloviansk and Volnovakha to find answers to these questions.

In 2022, with the war in the Ukraine, these films are highly topical and at the request of International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, one of the most important short film institutions anywhere in the world, a compilation was made of 46 One Minutes.

Participating artists:

Yekaterina Masalskaya

Andrey Gruzdev


Sofia Devotchenkova

Marina Postolati

Katia Tsap

Denis Levchenko

Dina Nadel

Denis and Adrej

Dasha Starikova

Bibikova Anastasia

Anna Kolesnyk

Danil Potapov

Kristina Tolmacheva

Mikhail Perekhrest

Viktoriya Shchelkunova





Alexandra Kulichenko

Daniil Buli

Bogdan Yali

Veronika Shaposhnikova

Aleksandr Tsukor

Alena Solyanik

Alexander Kurilenko

Anna Lusenkova

Mariya Tseluh

Lilia Migutsa

Ivan Kuraksin

Ulyana Chernikh


Vadim Ergard

Vyacheslav Potsko

Nastya Starchenko

Maruschenko Valeria

Dasha Shmulich

Ivan Gorb

Yana Muntyan

Nikita Novgorodse

Danilo Savkevich

Daniil Buzevskyu

Valeria Gukezheva

Using the forces of video, The One Minutes wants to contribute to creating spaces for free expression, collective imagination, and global solidarity in our different, yet deeply interconnected realities.

Every two months, The One Minutes releases a new series of one-minute films exploring our current time in moving images. Museums and cultural organisations around the world subscribe to the series. Send in your videos and participate in the project!