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Screening, The One Minutes

The One Minutes – Squeeze Crush Press Blush

In Squeeze Crush Press Blush, curated by Afra Eisma and Marnix van Uum, twenty-one artists and filmmakers invite you to take a dive into their ever-changing minds. A crack in the gloss, a break, a rupture, a split, a breach, a slit, a smack, a smash, a blow, a bang, a grin, our mind is a container. The selected One Minutes were sent in from China, Belgium, Finland, France, Greece, Netherlands, Suriname, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States.‘Squeeze Crush Press Blush’ offers a non-linear journey across a multitude of feelings.

The One Minutes — Squeeze Crush Press Blush was curated by Afra Eisma and Marnix van Uum.

Afra Eisma (b. 1993, the Netherlands) creates intimate worlds bursting with colour and energy. Her work consists of tufted carpets, ceramics, drawings, paintings and textiles.

Marnix van Uum (b. 1991, the Netherlands) works with media (i.e. video, photography and text) that have descriptive qualities and thus imply to depict (fragments of) reality.

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Participating artists:
Margaret Haines
Bob Demper
Pieter Van Den Bosch
Daisy Madden-Wells
meng florent
Hilary Yip
Elina Alekseeva
Kubilay Mert Ural
Gijsje Heemskerk and Sjuul Joosen
Foteini Makri
Alejandra López
Mimi Shi Co., Ltd
Alfie Dwyer
Annemarie Wadlow
Naïmé Perrette
Jef Nollet
Erkka Nissinen
Juyi Mao
Heleen Mineur
Kim David Bots & Eliane Esther Bots

Images courtesy of the One Minutes foundation.

Image 2: The Stars Down To Earth, Margaret Haines, 2015 (© the artist, courtesy by The One Minutes Foundation)