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>> LAST UPDATE 24-04-2020

Dearest artists and cultural workers,

We hope you are well and although all of our doors are closed right now, we are finding new ways of connecting and supporting each other.

Thankfully a lot of information and support is being set up, but it can be tricky to figure out where to start.

With the help of some other organisations we have set up an overview to help you navigate towards emergency funds, applications for financial support and informative websites. Many of the platforms are mostly in Dutch and we hope English translations of the pages will be provided soon. At the beginning of April the regulations surrounding these applications and funds will become more clear and final, and will be implemented. Please read all the available information very carefully before you make a decision to apply.
We will try to keep this information on our site updated as much as we can, please send us links or new information if you feel we missed something (you can email us at

Temporary benefits for the self-employed (TOZO Tijdelijke Overbruggingsregeling voor Zelfstandig Ondernemers):
The Dutch government has decided that as of March 2020 self employed people can (retroactively) apply for benefits through their local municipality. It’s important to know that the speed at which these municipalities are implementing this varies greatly. The Kunstenbond provides an overview of how you can do this, but if you decide to apply for this, you need to do so at your own municipality:

In Dutch:

And in English:

You can check if you can apply for TOZO here: (Dutch only)

Infographic on the application process: (Dutch only)

You can find an overview of all available supportive measures for businesses and freelancers by the kvk here: (Dutch only)

>> IMPORTANT for those without the Dutch nationality/permanent residency permit:
The State Secretary of Justice and Security has communicated to Parliament that claiming a TOZO benefit will not have any negative consequences for holders of residence permits who are required to have a certain income-earning capacity.
This is a link to a website from two Dutch immigration lawyers who have published information about this: (in English) (in English)

You can find the official statement from the Dutch government here: (Dutch only)

With the adjusted guidelines there are still a lot of people stuck in between who cannot claim the emergency measures. Artist union Kunstenbond goes into detail about this here: (Dutch only)
In order to extract an overview of how many people are not entitled to the current arrangements Kunstenbond has set up a page where you can make a report of your experiences: (Dutch and English)

Report Income loss:
Artist union Kunstenbond has created a form with which you can report income loss, cancellations of presentations and events, this will give them a clearer picture of what is needed to help the creative field and actively inform policy makers.

Other useful websites are:

Artists organizations publishing important extra information: (Dutch only) (in English) (Dutch and English)

Dutch National Government: (in Dutch) (in English)

The Dutch Tax Office has announced measures to relief self-employed workers including but not limited to:  Special deferral of payment and Reduction of your provisional assessment: (in Dutch) English)

Corona Info line Dutch chamber of Commerce: (in Dutch)

Mondriaan Fund answers FAQ in relation to their funding and projects affected by the Corona regulations: (in Dutch)

Help for businesses and freelancers registered in Amsterdam:’ers/ (in Dutch) (in English)
Municipality of Amsterdam Answers FAQ about the Corona virus in relation to the self-employed: (in Dutch)

Much love from us at W139 – stay safe and we hope to meet you again soon