In April 2003 Warmoesstraat 139 was cleared out for a thorough renovation. W139 deliberately chose to be ‘house-less’ during the renovation period and not to seek a surrogate shelter. This choice was seen as an attempt to find out what exactly constitutes the essence of W139. For a year and a half W139 hopped from place to place. This ‘scrapbook’ documents the transitional situation, all the stages of the road that led from the Warmoesstraat to the Oosterdokskade.

Title: W139 Amsterdam – Report of an Ongoing Journey
Authors: Ann Demeester, Marleen van der Weerd, Roger Willems, Marijn Jostmeijer
Publisher: W139
Year of publication: 2006
Pages: 304
Print run: 1250
ISBN: 109077459111/1397890774599119