The publication of the series of lectures Now is the Time: Art and Theory in the 21st Century (which took place at W139 in 2008 and 2009). A series of seven lecture-evenings devoted to seven themes surrounding the complex arena in which the art of the new millennium finds itself. Now is the Time was organized by Stedelijk Museum, the University of Amsterdam, W139, Metropolis M and Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam.

Title: Now Is The Time
Authors: Terry Eagleton, Boris Groys, Hou Hanru, Jorg Heiser, Laura U. Marks, W. J. T. Mitchell, Jos de Mul, Robert S. Nelson
Ruth Noack, Rick Poynor, Kaja Silverman, Sean Snyder, Julian Stallabrass, Camiel Winkel, Lukas Verbrugt, Manuell Klapp
Publisher: NAi Uitgevers
Year: 2009
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-90-5662-712-6

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