Laden Evenementen

„suppose there’s right and wrong, it’s probably right“

22/04/2017 – 28/05/2017

Deelnemende kunstenaar(s) Lisa Gutscher, Peter Hermans, Klara Kayser, Marius Land, Leonie Nagel, Felix Pötzsch, Philipp Simon, Ernst Sylvester

Opening vrijdag 21 april 2017 20:00 – 01:00

Access to THIS and HERE are not subject to limitations, except for YOUR aforementioned attention and preferences and your disposable time. The preliminary handover between HERE/THIS and THERE takes place 21st of April, after which THIS and THERE can be physically accessed at the aforementioned location between 12:00 and 18:00, every day of the week.


* Managing Expectations door Peter Hermans

Ja, ik heb de bovenstaande algemene bovenstaande voorwaarden gelezen en begrepen