Tuesday 31 January from 18.00-19.00 

As part of W139’s current exhibition, Dead Skin Cash, six artists are invited to react to the prompt “Who can afford to not sell their own skin?” by curating a playlist of visual and audio materials for this weekly screening program.

Mariana Charrua is a ______tourist, artist_________ from Portugal. 

Her work manifests in different forms – from paintings or objects to drawings or performances, or some form in between all of those. Charrua adopts an attitude of equalizing things, not taking them as sacred but giving them a symbolic charge. 

The result: nonsense images that point to daily situations and characters (animals) or basic life needs: food or love; provocations that raise questions, not answers. A theatrical, grotesque and humoristic tone that creates a narrative and deconstructs the idea of elegance. 

The image that presents this program is a collage between an internet image and a photo from her previous collaborative performance I AM A COLUMN, a play where the performers act as columns, stand for relationships dynamics and play with norms.

Instagram: @___l0la_____

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