1. When entering this property the houserules of W139 apply and you therefore accept the houserules below.

2. All instructions from staff W139 related to the house rules must be followed.

3. Within W139 we appreciate that you make use of public spaces, but this is at your own risk.

4. In W139 we treat eachother respectfully and it is therefore forbidden to utter insults or discriminatory comment.

5. To maintain the peace in the vicinity of W139 it is not allowed to cause noise.

6. In W139 we treat each other with respect, and therefore it is prohibited to harass our visitors and staff sexually by word or gesture (action).

7. W139 must comply with the requirements of the Licensing and Catering legislation, weak alcoholic beverage will therefore not be provided to visitors younger than 18 years and spirits will not be provided to visitors under 18 years. When in doubt about the age of a visitor, employees ask to present a proof of identity.

8. To not influence the atmosphere negatively during the stay, no alcohol is served to the concerned person on suspicion of drunkenness.

9. During your presence you use property of W139 and of others, therefore it is forbidden to commit theft or vandalism.

10. To monitor the peace, order and security within the W139, it is prohibited to use violence or threaten with violence.

11. To offer you and other visitors a pleasant stay, it is forbidden to possess, use or trade drugs or weapons.

12. When breaking the house rules of W139, you get a warning from the staff, or you can be removed from the property.

13. W139 makes its location not available for other purposes then our determined policy. It is therefore forbidden to sell or buy goods illegally.

14. The employees of W139 watch over your safety, in emergencies the emergency plan enters intoeffect. You are kindly but urgently requested to follow any instructions from the employees.

15. Leave your belongings on the location of W139 and in your car not unattended. W139 is not liable for loss, damage or theft of your belongings.

The violation of the house rules or failure to follow instructions may result in a warning or denying access to the public areas of W139.
Penalties for breaching the house rules can be found in the enforcement of W139. Crimes will be reported to the police.