W139 is excited to open up its space with W139 hosts…, a dynamic seven-week long programme providing makers and initiatives with the opportunity to present new projects or work-in-progress. This initiative serves as a platform for communities to meet and exchange ideas while aiming to support, enhance, and contribute to the artistic ecosystem.

Through an open call, artists, designers, curators, mediators, collectives, local initiatives, and communities are invited to propose projects and ideas that they consider urgent and relevant. This can include new works, works-in-progress, experiments, durational pieces, installations, performances, screenings, sound works, workshops, gatherings, rehearsals, informal work presentations, and much more.

The first edition of W139 hosts… was launched in February 2022, in response to the lack of space for artistic initiatives and experimentation in Amsterdam. The success of this pilot project revealed a significant demand for space to showcase projects to the public. Within just 10 days, W139 received over 250 submissions through our open call, resulting in more than 90 projects being facilitated within a span of 39 days. These projects ranged from pop-up shops and performances to workshops, gatherings, and small exhibitions. The enthusiasm generated by the first edition, along with the overwhelmingly positive reactions from the public—as well as the artistic and creative communities—resulted in W139 hosts… becoming a recurring part of the programming.


Generously supported by Gemeente Amsterdam, Gieskes-Strijbis Fonds, Mondriaan Fonds and Oedipus Brewing.

W139 hosts…

8 Sept – 29 Oct 2023

W139 is excited to open its space for a dynamic seven-week long programme offering makers and initiatives an opportunity to present new projects or work-in-progress that they consider urgent and relevant.