Thursday 12 October

Bloody Beautiful Gossip Session #3: Menstrual Goddesses honours the wisdom and power of menstruating bodies.In a deeply sensory storytelling session we will not only focus on how menstrual blood revitalises our understanding of and relationship to the inescapable cyclicality of life, but also look at menstruation as a process filled with knowledge and insights that can be mediated through both art and science practice.

With Annika Kappner, trans-disciplinary artist working with somatic and meditation practices to expand on ideas of consciousness, deep sensing and our self-image.

Annika will guide us through her latest work Moonblood, a series of immersive works about the relationship between magic, mythologies and menstruation.

And Isabelle Guenou, co-founder of theblood, a Berlin based innovative femtech start-up. Launched in 2022, theblood is the first company in Europe to focus on menstrual blood as a source of knowledge. They are using it as a non-invasive source of blood to track health insights such as hormones and vitamins to provide menstruators with unprecedented data.

Menstrual Goddesses is part of BLOODY BEAUTIFUL, a movement for lesser-heard stories about menstruation and menopause, curated by affect lab. Our goal is to creatively propagate new public narratives about menstruation and the menopause in a gender-forward way. In collaboration with W139 we invite you to this newest session in our series of gossip sessions.

The evening will be moderated Dymphie Braun.

Everyone is welcome.

Time: 19:30 (doors open), 20:00 (start programme)
Language: English
Ticket: €10,50
Tickets available via this link

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