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Summer Jam, a painting show

11/08/2018 – 08/09/2018

Participating artist(s) Rob Birza, Babs Bleeker, Pim Blokker, Sidyon Cucaro, Sam Hersbach, Arjan Hijbeek, Heidi Howard, Arthur Kempenaar, Mirthe Klück, Rabi Koria, Ruben KragtAxel Linderholm, Naomi Mitsuko Makkelie, Harry Markusse, Rik Meijers, David Noro, Charlott Weise, Ricardo van Eyk, Jana van Meerveld

Friday August 10th Summer Jam, a painting show opens at W139.
The opening is from 20.00 until 01.00

A exhibition with paintings and murals by: Axel Linderholm, Harry Markusse, Jana van Meerveld, Rob Birza, Sidyon Cucaro, Rabi Koria, Pim Blokker, David Noro, Mirthe Klück, Rik Meijers, Charlott Weise, Heidi Howard, Ruben Kragt, Naomi Mitsuko Makkelie, Babs Bleeker, Sam Hersbach, Ricardo van Eyk, Arjan Hijbeek en Arthur Kempenaar.

Summer Jam is open from 11th of August until Friday 8th of September, we hope to see you there.

Image: Sidyon Cucaro – the artist
Graphic design: Franziska Schulz

Initiators of the exhibition: Axel Linderholm, Melchior Jaspers and Nadia Benchagra

Photos by Konstantin Guz