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Stampa – edition 2


Talk show about Art & Issues
Friday the 3rd of March  2017, 20:15

Excitement, Issues & Opinions on Stampa!

Stampa! the talk show about Art & Issues at W139 promises excitement, knowledge, opinions and an abundance of art. We will speak to Céline Manz and Niek Hendrix about the limits of copyright. Twin sisters Liesbeth and Angelique Raeven engage in a conversation with NRC-critic Hans den Hartog Jager, who has reviewed their work in the past. Other guests are the participating artists of Over hang, and Dick Verdult will present his own personal Ode. Then finally the question: how impossible is it to find a studio in Amsterdam? It seems that the city is becoming unaffordable for many artists, but are there any solutions? We ask artist Yvonne Dröge Wendel, Jaap Schoufour (director Broedplaatsen) and Jaap Draaisma (director Urban Resort).

Once again Sacha Bronwasser will be the moderator of this second edition of Stampa, together with her new co-host, Gover Meit.


There is no admission fee for the second edition of Stampa. Do you want to attend? Book a ticket by sending an e-mail with your name and place of residence to tickets@stampa.live. Booking is required as there are only a limited amount of seats available, so book your tickets now!

Venue open: 19:30
Start of talk show: 20:15
Location: W139

Stampa is made in collaboration with Pictoright and W139.

Important for our English speaking audience: Stampa will be moderated in Dutch