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02/11/2013 – 03/11/2013

Participating artist(s) PHOTONIC ORCHESTRA Sonja van Hamel & vrienden, PRIMARY BAR, YES…PINKPINK

Sonja van Hamel is a musician, an artist and a graphic designer. Her current musical presentation is a concept that she calls Draw Clips. During Museum Night, a remarkable ensemble of friends – visual artists and musicians – will be performing in W139. Known as PHOTONIC ORCHESTRA, they have put together an incredible show that blends light, image and music: Light Music & Color Clips. With Sonja’s live music and the ingenious light installations by artists Jur de Vries, Jochem van der Spek and Eddo Hartmann, it promises to be a spectacular and intimate gig.

Sonja van Hamel (Wurlitzer piano and vocals)

During the show, Sonja’s band will be: Jur de Vries (cello), Tini Thomsen (bass clarinet) and Tessa Douwstra (vocals and guitar)


is a catchy audiovisual music project. Started as a research of the danceability of his soul and the color Pink, Yes..PinkPink now produces music, and researches visual concepts in collaboration with other artists. Soundwise a mix of Electro and Clupp with Urban influences, a hint of 80s and 90s finished with his Falsetto vocals. Yes..PinkPink’s Definition of feel like is turning Darkness into Pink light.


Have a drink at the Primary Bar during Museum Night and enjoy our visual acts, DJs, and dance like a gradient. Let colour happen!