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Participating artist(s) Jessica Tucker, Sinan Güven, Jeroen Heester

Join us from 18:00 on – as usual we will serve some nice homemade food!


FETTER + ENDANDEND: An evening of atmospheric audio and visual, brought to you by two members of the much rumored-about creative collective known as International.Sex…

FETTER is the musical moniker for Amsterdam-based artist and musician Jessica Tucker. The result of her imagining is a surreal tragicomedic pop musical about your ego, my ego, and the dilemma of a girl who forgot to love horses. www.fetterpunkt.com

Amsterdam-based artist and musician ENDANDEND (Sinan Guven) is a structure-by-destruction composer of sonic situations. Pursuer of disorientation. Experiments and grumps for your peace… www.sin-an.co

Starting at 18:00 in the front space with an easy DJ set by ENDANDEND, followed by a vocal drone pop performance by FETTER. From 20:00 on ENDANDEND will play again with a more personal landscape of disorientation, and from 21h00 onwards it’s both of them in tandem for an improvisation session with the mic opened up.

OUR NATURE: In the backspace of the W139, the Dutch artist Jeroen Heester will perform OUR NATURE. To experience what power hides in the killing of Jesus and redeeming his own sinfulness, the artist will kill Jesus. For this, he restored an antique statue of Christ for which he made a casting mold. The casting of the statue will take place from 20:00 on, and the murder will take place at a later stage in complete isolation, after which the murdered body will be exposed for public. www.jeroenheester.nl