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C’hu – teatro cibernético

07/11/2015 – 08/11/2015

On Saturday 7th November C’hu’s cybernetic steambath at W139 climaxes into a night filled with mist, noise and pantropicalism.

W139 warmly invites you to: PERMORMANCES AND SOUND 19:30 – 23:30

    Parametrically driven pendulum music (working title), a piece based on the giant thurible in Galicia’s Santiago de Compostela cathedral, the Botafumeiro, and Steve Reich’s Pendulum Music.
  • ∆D∆E∆W∆
    “Fallen from a mountain, then trapped in a plastic bubble, then trapped in another bubble made of dew, and then blast of into o(u)t(h)er space with a nipple shaped interstellar star ship!”
    Sybren Danz has been working with music and sound for over two decades. In 2011 he became a member of the STEIM team working on the restoration of 70’s modular synthesis systems, which inspired him for the ongoing development of is own modular synth.
    Shows his video work VESLA w. annotation.

Open from 22:00 – 23:30.

Entrance: pay-what-you-will (no tickets needed)

AFTERPARTY 00:00 – 04:30

in collaboration with

    Get ready for a tropical frenzy getting out of hand with artists playing rough edged tropical music, global bass & more! PANTROPICAL
    Pantropical is a frenzied gig/club series operating from Rotterdam, focusing on rough edged tropical music, outré rural folklore, and global bass. In the past eight+ years they’ve organised various non-western tropical music events in e.g. Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Tilburg, Bruxelles. They’ve been asked to inject the ‘C’hu – teatro cibernético’ event with some feverish pantropicalism, so here they are!
  • PIGMALIÃO (br / FRENTE BOLIVARISTA) Pigmalião a.k.a. Daniel Lucas from Rio de Janeiro, is a producer, DJ, and label curator of the up and coming Frente Bolivarista. We managed to catch him on his current promotional tour in Europe. Don’t miss this chance to witness his first appearance in NL; Frente Bolivarista is currently making a stellar rise as one of the labels to watch for the future of Latin American music. Next to releasing promising new producers like Puelche, Thomash, and others, the label has dug deep with its self-titled compilations, featuring exciting new names as El Búho, Romperayo, Akimbo, alongside some of the mainstays of the movement including Andrés Digital, Cocotaxi, and Comrade.
  • FELLOW (aw/nl) Aruba’s Fellow a.k.a. Michael Lampe is a menace when it comes to tropical bass. His sound is jam-packed with a wide variety of exotic rhythms, live sampling of carnival instruments, snarling analog synths and hyped vocal chops of many prominent mc’s and vocalists. Taking elements of socca, dancehall, kuduro, moombahton, bubbling – you name it, Fellow’s sound is an eccentric array of beats. It’s tropical electronic music to bounce around to!
  • DØG (br) DØG divides his time between geeking out with A/V installations (as ‘ehCaetano’), and DJ sessions as one of DØG’s multiple incarnations. This night he’ll serve up a high-octane mix of funk carioca, afro, with a pinch of tecnomelody and lambada. Heavy suburban beats!

Open from 00:00.

Pre-sale tickets: €6
Available at W139 from Saturday the 31st of October to Friday the 6th of November during opening hours, daily from 08:00 – 11:00 and 15:00 – 21:00.

Tickets at the door: €8
Available Saturday the 7th of November from 19:30 – 02:00 (doors open until 02:00)