The Alter Ego

Karam Natour, Salim Bayri and PHILTH HAUS

28 October | 19.30 – 21h

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For many years, artists have been exploring their identities by fictionalizing alternative characters. Through the alter ego, or the alternative self, one can speak about things that they aren’t often able to openly express. It becomes a way to deal with complex issues, to speak out the unspoken, and to explore the latent layers in one’s own self.

In ‘That Those Beings Be Not Being’, various artists are applying and playing with the concept of the alter ego to delve into and communicate the elusive, the obscure, the transitional and metamorphic dimensions of the self. Using the alter ego, they take the viewer into the very personal or intimate worlds of those personas that live only in the para-fictional dimensions between imagination and reality.

In this talk, artists Salim Bayri, PHILTH HAUS, and Karam Natour will be sharing their own artistic practices and engaging in dialogue about the processes and necessities of creating their fictional selves.

The program will be moderated by Margarita Osipian and Fadwa Naamna.

PHILTH HAUS is an art collective of 6 members, or entities: ANDRA, SYLLA, LYLEX, COLY, ROCO, and PHILIP. This community was founded by ANDRA and now interacts as an ever- evolving system of transitional member entities searching for a form. The collective is based and has been exhibited in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, and Amsterdam and currently is a participant of 2019-2021 De Ateliers Artist Residency, Amsterdam.

Karam Natour is an artist based in Tel Aviv. Natour’s practice employs a variety of mediums, including video, digital drawing, and installation, although he considers video his ‘mother tongue’. Through these, Natour reflects the fragmentation of identity — its characteristics, its fluidity, and how it is constructed by culture, gender, and nationality — through the use of humor, irony, and art history.

Salim Bayri is an artist born and raised in Casablanca and based in Amsterdam.


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