21 Dec – 6 Jan

32 volunteers needed for 2 performances

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13 & 21 January, 2018

On January 21st, the last day of the show, there will be a performance of the piece: 'Avelas 32' by André Avelãs and Koen Nutters.

For this piece we need 32 performers to operate simple noise making machines. These machines can also be made by the volunteers in a workshop situation lead by André Avelãs during the show.

On January 13 these same volunteers can be involved in a performance of Cornelius Cardew's The Great Learning - Paragraph 7. A piece for as many as possible amateur singers. (no experience required)

If you're interested in participating in either or both performances, send an email to w139_participants@avelas.net or get in touch with Koen Nutters or André Avelãs on social media or IRL.