Saturday 28 Oct 2017

Empathy Tournament

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by David Maroto | Saturday 28th of October 18:00 - 22:00

David Maroto’s playable installation “Empathy” is an art project in the form of a board game that includes questions and answers for two players. The players are confronted with seemingly daily situations that contain dilemmas in which desire, doubt, fantasies and beliefs are central . The winner is the one with the ability to empathize with the opponent and anticipate their reactions.

Whereas “Empathy” is displayed in the exhibition and available for visitors to play at any time, the “Empathy Tournament” constitutes a one-day public event in which eight players interact with each other and four copies of the game. The winners of the first round will play in the semi-finals, leading to a grand finale in which the best two “Empathy” players will measure their abilities against each other. The evening will start with a short introduction by David Maroto and will culminate with a prize-giving ceremony for the most empathic participant.

If you want to play, please book at

The game works best when played with friends, so it’s recommended to book in pairs, though individual players are welcome as well. The “Empathy Tournament” is also a performance open to members of the public who do not wish to play but enjoy watching the development of the game, discussing it and even making bets about the results. Everyone is most welcome to join.

Events will only be in English