Sunday 22 Oct 2017

Screening II: LGBTQI+ in West-South Asia & North Africa

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with programmer Sophie Hoyle | Sunday 22nd of October 18:30-22:00

Sophie Hoyle will present moving-image works made by and exploring the experiences of LGBTQI+ people and communities in the West-South Asia and North Africa, dealing with identity, cultural attitudes, social inequalities and political activism.

Sophie Hoyle is a London-based artist and writer whose work and research explores an intersectional approach to post-colonial, queer, feminist and disability issues. Hoyle explores experiences of being part of the South-West Asian and Northern African diaspora in order to relate interpersonal experiences to wider structural violence.

The rest of the week, the Sunday program will be available in the exhibition space for the audience who missed the original event.

Events will only be in English