25 Aug – 1 Oct 2017

Round & Big

Johannes Langkamp
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pictures by Chun-Han Chiang

Opening Friday the 25th of August 2017 20.00 – 01.00

In the polar room Johannes Langkamp will equate new and existing works. He researches spaces and perspectives using cameras, searches for frames, controls and manipulates movement, shifting the way we perceive spaces.

Spatial limitations are placed in another perspective. Location specific elements are exaggerated. It shows a maker with the playful look of a researcher. Processes are precisely conditioned and can be traced back by their remnants, or in the documentation of it. With ‘Round & Big’ Johannes makes his first step in a new research, where he wants to create a living archive with existing works. These archive-works are placed in the same spaces as his new work, to research if the new and old processes can merge, move closer to each other or become more generative interactions.