Thursday 26 Mar 2015

The Feminist Rock Salt Presents

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Thursday 26 March, 7 – 10 pm

The Feminist Rock Salt has landed!
The Feminist Rock Salt is the place for performance
The Feminist Rock Salt does what it likes
The Feminist Rock Salt loves Lynda 4eva
Come on board, come inside
See yaa!

Performances on the rock by Diana Policarpo, Deniz ‘muscles’ Unal, Anna Maria Pinaka and Axelle Stiefel.

Anna Maria Pinaka (GR)

Find me available. You can. Why is this art. It’s pouring out of me. Cause this is what a flow is. Sitting with A talking about An. I said why not? Why can’t we let that happen and then we see how it goes from there what we do with excess. Said no no no. Could smell tragedy coming. The abyss or something and was right cause then it felt like the abyss. Every time I over do it it turns into abyss. But I just don’t know how to do it and not overdo it.

Diana Policarpo (PT)

Diana Policarpo will present a site-specific performance on the 26th of March for The Feminist Rock Salt, that will incorporate sound and spoken word.

Axelle Stiefel (CH)

Axelle Stiefel will sing for you into the science fiction of a love song. A rock might well serve as a point of transfer. And an « I » as a vehicle for transportation. Since the exploration is the wet regime of corporeality, the journey it promises resembles the activity of sweat going through the pores of the skin of materiality. Flesh, Maurice Merleau-Ponty writes is not matter, is not mind, is not substance. To designate it, we should need the old term « element », in the sense it was used to speak of water, air, earth, and fire. »

Deniz Unal (TR/UK)

For the duration of the show, Deniz will be known as Deniz ‘muscles’ Unal. ‘Muscles’ for short, will create a site and time specific performance in and around the set of The Feminist Rock Salt. ‘Muscles’ will treat the Gallery as a rehearsal and production space culminating in a performance on the 26th of March. For the performance ‘muscles’ will present the latest installment of the Health-E series.