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A series of online podcasts featuring interviews with participating artists & readings

Under The Influence

Throughout the course of the exhibition writer Naomi Pearce will produce a series of podcasts with the title Under the Influence, featuring critical responses, readings, performances and interviews with participating artists. The podcasts will expand upon her recent research exploring the ways notions of influence, female friendship and feminist legacies intersect.

Aside from recording audio in collaboration with the other artists, the podcasts will also be informed and feature material Naomi finds at the Aletta Institute of Women’s History, focusing specifically on correspondence and administrative documents – marginal texts, the discourse that plays out around events.

Engaging with archival material is conventionally based on academic sensitivity, factual accuracy, and the discovery of specific 'truths' – a kind of archeological action, uncovering hidden histories. Instead, Naomi and the artists she speaks with attempt to engage with characters in the archive by other means, through acts of misreading, over-reading and reading into the past.

Part 1


np_lb_podcast_mix_01.mp3 (45.62 MB)

We will misread influence as evidence of our friendship. Finding and discovering are acts of desire.

A reading by Alice Hattrick and Naomi Pearce

This text was originally included in the event Feminist Art Panel, held at the Centre for Feminist Research, Goldsmiths University, London in November 2014. It reflects on a period of research responding to material in The Women's Art Library.

Diana Policarpo

Artist Diana Policarpo will produce another podcast with a selection of tracks and sound collages by women artists.

27th of March : Does Not Equal on Red Light Radio, 12 - 1PM

Diana and Naomi play a mixtape of their feminist influences. Featuring music, spoken word and soundscapes.

With a special thanks to Jesper Buursink & Red Light Radio.