Permanent Study Room

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Lindsay BeeBee 'The Nightmare Doesn't Care'

Study Room

Join us for a cup of coffee and a read through the books in the study room at the front space of W139

San Serriffe Art Book Shop

Art book shop San Serriffe is offering a selection of feminist artists’ books.

International Bookstore Het Fort van Sjako

Since 1977 het Fort van Sjako is a non-commercial and collectively run bookstore with a focus on critical and insurgent literature. At Does Not Equal they will offer a selection of feminist classics and books on queer theory, black feminism, post colonial theory, anarchism and more.

Study Material

Curator Anne-Marie St-Jean Aubre is offering books from her library to read & study. The selected books all look at the idea of Woman as an imposture: a traditional image defined by the dominant discourse. They insist on the narrative dimension of every identity, suggesting that part of the subject’s agency lies in the way s/he constructs her/his life story. Her paper "Identity: Between Imposture and Fiction" is available for reading at the study room and can be downloaded here as well:

identity:-between-imposture-and-fiction.pdf (136 KB)


Policy People present 6 commissioned texts around Fred Moten and Stefano Harney's book The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning & Black Study.


Under the Influence, a project by writer Naomi Pearce, will produce a series of podcasts featuring critical responses, readings, performances and interviews with participating artists. The podcasts will be available in the study room.

A limited edition of Pamphlets

Artist Anne-Marie van Meel and art historian Fanny Kuitenbrouwer offer a limited edition of pamphlets for visitors to take-away home for free. The pamphlets will be based on three short “conversations” between the two, in which they discuss three etiquette “rules”, picked from different era's : What do these rules say about the relation between men and woman? Where does the politeness in etiquette stop and the inequality begin? And how have these rules changed throughout the centuries?


As part of her ongoing research into the voices of historical female figures, artist Dorine van Meel offers a selection of autobiographies by female artist, poets, singers and revolutionaries as study material. It includes the writings of Emma Goldman, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Margaret Bourke- White, Helene Cixous, Michele Bernstein, Kim Gordon, and others.

Artist editions for sale

Lindsay Beebe, The Nightmare Doesn’t Care, 100% Biz, 2011.
Rachel B. Glaser, Pee on Water, Publishing Genius Press, 2010.
Rachel B. Glaser, Moods, Factory Hollow Press, 2013.
Maria Guggenbichler & Rosalie Schweiker, Clever Men's Art, 2013.
Sands Murray-Wassink, Profeminist White Flowers, 2007.
Bunny Rogers, Cunny Poem Vol. 1, Small Batch Books, 2014.
Claire Potter, Mental Furniture, VerySmallKitchen, Hastings, 2014.

Coffee and Does Not Equal Biscuits

In response to the show artist Ninna Bohn Pedersen has made a Does not equal biscuit as a gesture to bridge the domestic with the industrial and the sacred with the profane.