15 Dec – 10 Feb 2013

A Matter of Time and Space

Bas de Boer, Anne Verhoijsen, / New Sculpture Department (Kees Boevé, Lorenzo Quintanilla, Marc Barreda), Daniela Bershan, Matthijs Bosman, Monica Tormell

Composed by Maze de Boer in cooperation with Irene de Craen

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Matthijs Bosman - Monument to Courageous Failure
Monica Tormell - Untitled
Daniela Bershan - Untitled
Bas de Boer - The One That Got Away
Anne Verhoijsen - Without a name

Photography: Henni van Beek

Now that the social relevance of art is under attack, a logical return to the core of what it means to be an artist can be detected: the making. The process in which matter and the power of imagination located in the physical object are paramount. This interest in the materiality of the art object implies a liberation of historical constructions that always look back for their significance. Meanings shift in the course of time and are dependent on, among other things, context, location, and state of mind. The production and materiality of artworks by contrast, are essential aspects of the function and meaning of the art object. It seems that in art there still exists a hierarchy that sets idea above practice, but the materials with which the artist works don’t only make his actions possible, they also determine them.
A Matter of Time and Space contributes to the growing debate about the importance of production, materiality and autonomy by giving artist carte blanche with the only limitation being the exhibition space which is simultaneously the starting point and connection between the works. The built-up period and dynamics between the selected artists is seen as the catalyst for new work in which the dialogue between material, time and space is of the essence and of which the conclusion will only be known at the opening.

Daniela Bershan Bas de Boer Matthijs Bosman New Sculpture Department Monica Tormell Anne Verhoijsen

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