23 Nov – 2 Dec 2012

Anarcademia at De Kunstvlaai

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Part two of Anarcademia, in the fourth week, will simultaneously take place at De Kunstvlaai in the Sint Nicolaas Lyceum in Amsterdam-Zuid, where the project will have the space it needs to become a public event. During the final week of the project, the intensive processes and experiments will intermingle, then erupt in a finale at both locations. During this parallel period, a physical and digital bridge will be built, connecting the two venues.

TeTo Projects, W139 and the Kunstvlaai take a critical and innovative approach to art, reflection, education and public involvement. They position themselves within the international context through collaboration and exchange. Anarcademia supports these objectives by contributing to renewed paradigms of contemporary art and participation through intensive collective international partnerships and a structure that invites public engagement. Anarcademia presents itself as a place where discussions can grow into interventions and where high-risk acts may expose the contradictions inherent in art-making, leading to critical and collective thought.

De Kunstvlaai