Sunday 21 Oct 2012

Wasteland-Squad edition #4

Justin Gosker

Accidental mysteries

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Justin Gosker's intervention Accidental mysteries will conclude the Wasteland Squad's (formerly Wasteland Disco Squad) series of public events. You are warmly invited to join us on the street opposite Grasweg 53, Amsterdam-Noord on this coming Sunday October 21st at 6:00pm, to witness the intervention's ultimate execution.

The Wasteland Squad Between late June and early October 2012, the Wasteland Squad realized four public gatherings. Conceived as dynamic inception of W139’s involvement with the ‘Wasteland Twinning’ project, the Squad explored vacant, derelict sites throughout Amsterdam’s inner city area. Wasteland Disco Squad

Wasteland Twinning Wasteland Twinning hijacks the concept of ‘City Twinning’ and applies it to urban Wastelands in order to generate a network for parallel research and action. By subverting a concept which aims to parade a city’s more predictable and mainstream cultural assets and shifting the focus to Wastelands, questions of value and function are raised. Wasteland Twinning aims to develop an understanding of the potential of these sites through cross-disciplinary models of practice. Wasteland Twinning