22 – 29 Sep 2012

We Gon’ Make It In A Second

Curated by Radna Rumping

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Ilja Karilampi, The Chief Architect of Gangsta Rap (still), 2009
Sander Houtkruijer, Sjimmie (still), 2010

We Gon’ Make It In A Second is loosely inspired by rap cliché’s, (sub)urban living, hip hop icons, wandering through the art world and outgrowing the subculture of ones youth while still admiring it.

The artists involved share a highly personal connection with hip hop culture and are not afraid to play around with it. What’s real, who’s making it, and when does stupid become ‘stupid fresh’?

We Gon’ Make It In A Second is like a small cypher, where a group of artists are exchanging their personal experiences with hip hop through art.

This exhibition was initiated by Metro54 for a one day festival on September 1st. Now we’re happy to present We Gon Make’ It In A Second again at Barry – where it will be on view from September 22nd until September 29th.

Featuring: Artun Alaska Arasli Nicolas Borel Christian Echenique Sander Houtkruijer Ilja Karilampi Scott Langer Jonas Sætervik Stephen Serrato Alexander Shoukas Rustan Söderling Hennessy Youngman