8 – 13 Sep 2012

Siren and the Sea

Malin Ståhl

presented by WAAR

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siren and the sea (video still)
Photo: Gerbrand Burger
Photo: Gerbrand Burger

Malin Ståhl presents a collection of her video work in the back space of W139, accompanied by the performance Siren and the Sea, which takes place on the 8th of September in BARRY.

Siren and the Sea is a new performance by Malin Ståhl. With a text by Richtje Reinsma. In a new performance work the artist is taking inspiration from the metods of 60’s conceptual dance peformance in exploring voice and movement. With a siren and a mermaid sharing ‘stage’ with a wave character and a symbolic and fake sea, three sets of instructions postulates the connections between these.

The work of Malin Ståhl (SWE) consists mainly of performance and video. It is multi-layered and multi-faceted, the characters she creates travel across her work, appearing alone in live performances and coming together in video works and drawings. Ståhl’s work is based in studies of the narratives surrounding landscape and gender and is paired with an interest in the structures and visual expressions of theatrical performance. For videos and performances she creates costumes and characters exploring ideas of nature and body including writing, drawing and photography in the process. The result is colourful, seemingly concentrating on the surface of presentation, but thinly camouflaging a chaotic assembly of observations, references and influences. Malin Ståhl is a Swedish artist currently living in Stockholm.

WAAR is an artist run space in Amsterdam, initiated by Sara Bjarland and Gerbrand Burger.