Friday 27 Jul 2012

Wasteland-Disco-Squad edition #2

Jeffrey Babcock & Pirate Cinema – Some Secret Urban Movie Screenings in the Houthavens Amsterdam - Corner Tasmanstraat/Pontsteiger

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Wasteland Twinning hijacks the concept of ‘City Twinning’ and applies it to urban Wastelands in order to generate a network for parallel research and action. By subverting a concept which aims to parade a city’s more predictable and mainstream cultural assets and shifting the focus to Wastelands, questions of value and function will be raised. From these questions, new practices will be developed. Wasteland Twinning aims to develop an understanding of the potential of these sites through cross-disciplinary models of practice.

Wasteland-Disco-Squad edition #2

Location: Houthavens Amsterdam - Corner Tasmanstraat/Pontsteiger From 20h00 on Free entrance

The Disco Squad’s Second Edition Proudly Presents:

Jeffrey Babcock & Pirate Cinema – Some Secret Urban Movie Screenings

Jeffrey Babcock is a Cinema Activist. Startled by the ever increasing commercialisation of Amsterdam Cinemas in recent years, he helped to create a circuit of Underground Cinemas. In his famous introductions, Jeffrey presents ‘his’ films, and sets them in a biographical, historical, aesthetic, and/ or philosophical context.

Ehsan Fardjadniya’s Pirate Cinema is a ‘four-cycled’ catalyst for engaged art, street politics, and people’s empowerment; an open platform for collaborations and interactions: in piratic style, up to three people pedal backwards to move forwards, and pedal forwards to charge screening-, and sound-systems.

Live Music by Pirate Bike Vibrations (Ehsan Fardjadniya & Yaniv Schonveld) & Monstress

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