Monday 23 Apr 2012

Sun Foot

Chris Johanson, Ron Burns, Brian Mumford

Portland Los Angeles 3 piece band.
low volume tunes through small amps

Entrance €5,- at the door. Starts at 20h00.

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3 piece band who play low volume tunes through small amps and a drum set that consists of a hand drum, cymbal, pan lids, and electronic drum pad, all three singing, playing random cheap electronic keyboards maybe, and switching of instruments probably. Good to listen to if you are interested in the sun and tired of negativity. Sun Foot (Ron Burns [Smog, Hot Spit Dancers, Swell], Chris Johanson [the painter, The Deep Throats, Tina Age 13], and Brian Mumford [Dragging an Ox through Water, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Thicket, Jewelry Rash]) has a website with relevant information at