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W139 and Casco invited two initiatives every night, accompanied by a guest commentator or a lecturer. An overview of the evening program can be find here:

  • Tues 6: Gerrit Rietveld Academie & Zwarte Piet is Racisme
    Guest commentator: Samuel Vriezen. Lecture #1 by C. P. Pfeffer

The Gerrit Rietveld Academie is a university of applied sciences for Fine Arts and Design.
Participants of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie for Kitchen139 are:
Emilio Moreno - Spanish artist and teacher at the Rietveld Academie.
Razia Barsatie - Final year student of the department Fine Arts at the Rietveld Academie.
Yvonne Dröge Wendel - Visual artist and head of the department of Fine Arts at the Rietveld Academie.
Matjaz Stuk - Visual artist and teacher mentor at the Rietveld Academie, department Fine Arts.
Frank Mandersloot - Artist, teaching at Fine Arts/Rietveld Academie.

After a century and a half of mockery and degradation of black people, we, the sons and daughters (both black and white) of our country have come to the conclusion that we can no longer bite our tongue and that the time is ripe for change.

Studied economics in Germany and France, PhD in Frankfurt on economic order. Job: financial consultant. For Kitchen139 the Amsterdam based economist will give a series of daily lectures on his alternative economic theory ‘Plutopia - Policies for Globally Sustainable Common Wealth, aka Pfeifferism’.

Composer, poet.

  • Wed 7: Ask! Actie Schone Kunst & Girls Like Us
    Guest commentator: Lecture #2 by C. P. Pfeffer

Ask! Actie Schone Kunsten is an alliance of "art workers" and domestic workers, acting to support the latter and in turn for all.

An international, independent magazine representing a contemporary community of women. The magazine focuses on women with a great personality and a unique vision. Women who manage to live their lives on their own terms, changing society from within.

An international artist initiative, founded in 2003, by Kathrin Böhm (Ger/UK), Wapke Feenstra (NL), and Antje Schiffers (Ger). “Our interest is the rural as a space for and of cultural production. The collective aims are informed by the contextual nature of our individual practices of the autobiographical fact that we all come from small villages."

  • Thurs 8: Artists in Occupy Amsterdam
    Lecture #3 by C. P. Pfeffer

Since October 20, the group Artists in Occupy Amsterdam is present at the Occupy Amsterdam, part of the Mondial protest movement Occupy Movement. The group was founded by the artists Elke Uitentuis, Wouter Osterholt, Iratxe Jaio, Klaas van Gorkum and Jonas Staal. There is a tent that serves as a meeting point and as a base for developing the program and activities.

  • Fri 9: Jan van Eyck Academie & KijkRuimte
    Guest commentator: Remco Torenbosch. Lecture #4 by C. P. Pfeffer

A post-academic institute for research and production in the fields of fine art, design, and theorie in Maastricht. Participants on Kitchen139 are:
Clifford Borress, artist
Axel loytved, artist
Vasilis Marmatakis, designer
Dominique Hurth, artist

KIJKRUIMTE A cultural research platform in Amsterdam Noord. A two year art project that wants to contribute by an artistic research and intervention to the development of the public space and is a platform for alternative social thinking. KijkRuimte is an initiative of Daniela Peas Leao together with Tabitha Kane and Merel Willemsen. For Kitchen139, KijkRuimte will cook together with artist Teresa Borasino who is currently developing a project at KijkRuimte.

Researches socio-political processes, cultural and economic differences and sharing information. Besides redefining the art production he also reconsiders the the fundamental values of our social system as property, public/private policies and the transparency of information.

  • Sat 10: Cream Passionel & Schijnheilig
    Guest commentator: Rick Dolphijn

CREAM PASSIONEL The Cream Passionel kitchen princesses Shani Leiderman and Martine Heijnen cook on different locations in Amsterdam. The menu sprouts on the day itself with fresh products from the market. No powders or packages.

Underground culture, autonomous spaces and DIY politics.

Assistant professor at the humanities department, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. He is interested in the body/sensitivity/sensuality/experience and the role of language, in Gilles Deleuze and his philosophy, in time and in space. Thus he lectures and writes on architecture, philosophy and food, on media theory, language theory and performance theory. At the moment he is most interested in concepts like 'meat', 'surface', and the aesthetic experience.

Bavo is canceled due to sickness.
An independent research office focused on the political dimension of art, architecture and planning. BAVO is a co-operation between Gideon Boie and Matthias Pauwels, both of whom studied architecture and philosophy. BAVO recently conducted research into creative city development and practices of embedded cultural activism.

  • Sun 11: Domestic Workers Netherlands (FNV) & Platform Re-Set
    Guest commentator: Read-in

DOMESTIC WORKERS NETHERLANDS (FNV) Domestic Workers' Union in the Netherlands, part of FNV Bondgenoten, stands in solidarity for respect and recognition for their works in the Netherlands and beyond. The sub groups - Indonesian and Philippine migrant domestic workers - join Kitchen139.

PLATFORM RE-SET Re-set is a group of artists active in the art world. Together they want to take a stand against the worrying developments within the current political climate of The Netherlands and abroad. Initiated by: Sema Bekirovic, 
Mariska van den Berg
, Isabel Cordeiro, 
Ruth Legg
, Rune Peiters and 
Igor Sevcuk.

The collective effort of instigating instant reading sessions in other people’s homes. Initiated in February 2010 in Utrecht, NL by artist Annette Krauss and theatre maker Hilde Tuinstra, this evolving experiment delves into a process of unusual social activity involving ringing neighbours’ doorbells with the request to host the collective reading.

  • Wed 14: The Common Seminar & Mezrab
    Guest commentator: Marije Janssen
    Film premiere: Dorian de Rijk

The seminar will provide the tools to understand how knowledge is produced in common and how – and to what extend – it can be captured by controlling powers. Furthermore, the seminar itself will be an attempt to observe living knowledge in action. The organisation of the seminar will participate in Kitchen139.

Cultural Center Mezrab is a space for talent from various disciplines and countries to meet and share. Currently organising events in the Art Cage in the East of Amsterdam. Storytelling, discussions, exhibitions and more.

Graduated with a thesis on the use of online pornographic communities by young feminist at the University of Utrecht. Since June 2009 she is a cultural editor of the feminist magazine ‘Lover’.

Graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2011. For Kitchen139 she will screen a video that still longs for a title.

Dance: Orfee Schuijt, Meri Pajunpaa, Ingrid Berger Myhre and Pawel Konior
Music: Jasper Stadhouders

An international constellation of artists with a shared history in improvisation. The essence of our collaboration manifests in a physical, intelligent body that is looking for solutions through its own motion, independently and with the other, in movement or sound.

  • Thurs 15: Premsela & Allegories of Good and Bad Government
    Guest Lecturer: Emory Douglas

Dutch Platform for Design and Fashion

ALLEGORIES OF GOOD AND BAD GOVERNMENT An exhibition in the spring of 2011 in W139, initiated by alderman for art and culture Carolien Gehrels (PVDA Amsterdam), and artists Jonas Staal en Hans van Houwelingen. The aim of Allegories of Good and Bad Government was to come to an understanding and break through the status quo that defines the current relationship between art and politics.

EMORY DOUGLAS Designer Black Panthers on Design and Politics, organised by Premsela.
17h00 Doors open
17h30-18h30 Lecture Emory Douglas
Make you reservation for the lecture via on reference of ‘Emory Douglas. For more info:

  • Fri 16: Amsterdam Dinner Movement
    Presents: Kitchen Shebeen!

This evening is open to the public with no reservation required. Doors will open at 19h00.

The Amsterdam Dinner Movement is a growing association of 26 independent art spaces in Amsterdam, who organize dinners together as a basis for cooperation and exchange. The dinners take place across the city while the shared idea holds a highly inclusive policy where any art space, large or small, can participate.

For the evening at the W139, the group will present an evening based on the historic Shebeen. Each of the 18 participating spaces will set up a bar from improvised materials that will simultaneously act as an information point about the respected spaces. Expect quality cocktails, teas, juices, punches, performances, and live music in the welcoming setting of a Shebeen.

“A glass of wine with dinner makes a meal more civilized and enjoyable. Yet the real power of alcohol, especially for the cook, lies not in what it does at the table but what it does in the kitchen." David Joachim and Andrew Schloss. Fine Cooking #104, pp.28.

Participating Spaces:
Berm Collectief
Collectief Ondergrond
Hallo Gallo
Het Zeemanshuis
KunstWest / C-LAB
La Jetée
Lost Property
Stichting Kudde
Teto Projects
The Outpost
Unfold Amsterdam
WAAR projects
Zet Foundation
Zolder Museum

  • Sat 17: The Living Room(s)
    The space is open to the public without reservations. The program starts at 16h00.
    16h00 - High Tea and snacks
    16h30 - A short talk + demonstration by The Living Room(S) on their method of collaboration.
    17h30 - More snacks and discussion around the notion of collaboration in relation to Kitchen139

A collective of artists and cultural mediators from different disciplines engaging with social change, collective action and the practice of everyday life. "We are parasites, hosting and being hosted by different initiatives, institutions and homes in our neighborhood and beyond, creating event-driven interventions in collaboration with performers, theoreticians and artists."

Spatial/identity design: Stefano Faoro & Mark Simmonds (Werkplaats Typografie)
Kitchen: Sjim Hendrix
Sofa's: Zoro Feigl
Tables: Sajoscha Talirz

Press Release Kitchen139 - Ten-day Communal Kitchen Experiment