22 Apr – 13 May 2011

What Project Will Art And Politics Share

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Lecture programme about the project Allegories of Good and Bad Government

Free Entrance

Session 1: Past Friday 22.04.2011, 8pm

Lectures and debate about shared artistic and political projects from the past, such as the Rapaille Partij ( Eng. Rapaille Party), the Amsterdam School and the Situationist

With Sven Lütticken, Frans van Burkom and Ton Heijdra – moderated by Chris Keulemans -Dutch spoken

Session 2: Present Thuesday 28.04.2011, 8pm

Lectures and debate about the current relationship between art and politics and the understanding of ‘gentrification’: isn’t art already for too long serving the wrong project? With sociologist and political scientist Merijn Oudenampsen and Christoph Twickel – moderated by Tim Voss -English Spoken

Session 3: Future Friday 13.05.2011, 8pm

Artist lectures about the future of the relation between art and politics, and the posibility of a shared artistic and political project. With Wouter Osterholt & Elke Uitentuis / Metahaven / Matthijs de Bruijne / Hans van Houwelingen / Jonas Staal – moderated by Ann Demeester

-Dutch spoken

Photo's: Idan Shilon