Saturday 9 Apr 2011

JOKAklubi: The Ends

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PERFORMANCE & PARTY by JOKAklubi, Finnish group of visual artists and performers.

Entrance: 5,-

'THE ENDS' is a special experience and interactive performance show that invites the audience to rehearse their individual 'end' in an unusual setting created by the JOKAklubi group (Niina Lehtonen-Braun, Tellervo Kalleinen and Mirka Raito) and their 'guest stars' for the evening, Miss le Bomb and Mimosa Pale.

The evening begins with the chance to visit three different 'End Stations' located throughout the space. You are invited to join in any of the activities at each of the stations or just observe and enjoy whilst sipping a nice beverage. The first End Station features a thrilling darts tournament where you can attempt to strike the element of your life that should come to an 'end' and then process it under the trustful instruction of JOKAklubi! The second End Station gives you the chance to have your 'last wishes' fulfilled by the JOKAklubi team using the incredible contents of the special and mysterious 'tool box', whilst at the third station the credits for your own personal ending will be composed and compiled all in time for the great end to come...

The results of all these activities will come together as part of a 'Grande Finale' performance that makes up the second part of the evening with the JOKAklubi hosts and guest stars creating a truly unique end spectacle, appropriate for each and every end that has come about that night!

After the END the party BEGINS, hosted by JOKAklubi DJs!

Photo's: Idan Shilon

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