18 Feb – 13 Mar 2011

Two or Three Things I Know About Provo

Experimental Jetset

A small, personal (and ultimately incomplete) archive presenting graphic documentation related to the Provotarian movement (1965-1967), as installed by Experimental Jetset.

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In December 2010, Tim Voss, the director of W139, approached Marieke Stolk, the oldest daughter of Rob Stolk (1946-2001), one of the founding members of Provo, in an attempt to learn more about Provo.. Marieke Stolk also happens to be one of the three members of Experimental Jetset, a small, independent graphic design studio situated in Amsterdam.

Through this impromptu installation, Experimental Jetset will not only attempt to interpret (in a subjective way) the history of Provo, but will also focus on the role of Rob Stolk herein, and will try to reflect on the archetype of the printer as a 'practical utopist', or, to quote the French writer Régis Debray, the printer as "the quintessential worker intellectual or intellectual worker".

Besides displaying graphic documentation, the show will be accompanied by some film screenings and a couple of (yet-to-be-confirmed) lectures.

More information can be found on this website: http://www.experimentaljetset.nl/provo

Listen to Red Light Radio : http://soundcloud.com/redlightradio/w139radio-with-experimental