9 – 17 Jan 2010

Performance: Just another montage

Dafna Maimon
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Just another Montage (confessions of an Art Guard) is a new performance work by Dafna Maimon that will take place in the front room of the W139 during her solo show Extras on Saturday and Sundays 9th 10th and 17th of January.

During the performance four Art Guards will whilst working at the Art Space take on fragmented  narratives of emotional distress which they will be “over-sharing” with the visitors. The experience of entering a usually impersonal reception will be dramatized, and brought to an extreme as the viewers are confronted with the intimate dreams and feelings of the personnel at work. It will seem as if the Art Guards are continuously trapped in a montage, a technique known to us from film editing, where a series of shots are edited into a sequence in order to condense time, space and information to suggest the passing of time.

The performances are structured to partially rely on the entering visitors, and therefor have no set beginning or end, the public can pass by freely and stay for any amount of time,  however the approximate duration of one performance round is one hour.

Performance schedule:

9th , 10th and 17th of January

1st Round starts 12.30

2nd Round starts 14.30

3rd Round starts 16.30