4 Feb – 12 Mar 2006

Short Stories

Matthijs Bosman

In his work, Matthijs Bosman shows a marked interest in urban legends and Chinese whispers – stories that seem to multiply of their own accord. At the same time, Bosman is a ‘builder’ who has a predilection for physically constructing work and who has a refined sensibility for an object’s plastic quality.

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He is both ‘sculptor’ and ‘storyteller’. Bosman ‘causes’ situations, in the form of three-dimensional images or concepts that are released unto the world via various channels of communication including fictional texts, newspaper articles and rumours. In his presentation for W139, Bosman has employed both strategies. The meaning of these ‘settings’ or assemblages realized by Bosman should not be sought in their form or material nature, but in the unwritten scenario that forms their basis and the web of narrative association that the works inspire in the viewer. The juggling of the viewers’ associations, suspicions and (collective) memories in Bosman’s work shows a master storyteller in action.