15 Sep – 22 Oct 2006

Misschien zal het vannacht gaan regenen

Jacobien de Rooij

The large mammals Jacobien de Rooij (1947, Rotterdam) has been drawing for the last few years - the horses and ponies - have reappeared in the Netherlands in herds, placed in nature reserves as large grazing animals, a group of beasts that moves, munching, through a landscape by day, and by night lies or stands beneath the trees.

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For those who really try to see, the visibility of this world is a mystery. Those for whom this mystery is all-embracing and vital, draw and paint. The power with which the work of Jacobien de Rooij unravels the secret of visibility is quite rare. These drawings want to be nothing but landscapes with animals. Standing in front of her work you may have a strong sense that you are seeing a pony in the dunes for the first time – and is just the sort of experience for which art was invented. For the 10,000 euro show of Constant Dullaart, Peter Vink made the monumental installation “Links” in the W139 exhibition space; Bas Oudt made a design for a mural around the 8 large-scale drawings by Jacobien de Rooij to embed then in the installation.